Tomorrow's Texture
A collection of writings about how tech changes us
Brooks Lockett is an independent freelance writer focused on technology's impact on individuals and society.

By day, Brooks works with software companies as a consultant & content strategist. By night, he writes about the intersection of technology, history, and internet culture.

Brooks has been quoted in Forbes, and his work has been featured in publications like Nasdaq, Bitcoin Magazine, and HackerNoon. Additionally, he's been a guest on podcasts such as AI for Marketers and Human Cloud, where he shared insights on technology and business trends.

To learn more about Brooks' consulting offerings, visit his consulting website. For editorial inquiries, please refer to the contact page.

Here’s how to reach me:

  • For editorial inquiries, please email brooks[at]
  • For consulting inquiries, please email brooks[at]
  • I am also on LinkedIn & Twitter.